Elvin Siew Chun Wai
Hi, I am Elvin Siew Chun Wai. I am a teacher of English. I am a post graduate in English
Literature. I have been teaching for more than 6 years. Teaching is not just my profession
but my passion.
I started my career as a teacher 6 years ago with a junior school. I worked there for 4 years.
After that I started providing classes to those people who want to study or work in the US,
the UK, Canada, or any other English-speaking country. I have already taught more than 100
people from countries like Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Bangladesh to improve their
English. It really gives me high satisfaction when my students succeed in their goals.
If you want to work to study abroad or become a part of a multi-national company, Elvin
Siew Chun Wai can help achieve you the proficiency required. When you contact me, I will
start with a test to comprehend your understanding of the language. Once I have this idea, I
make a custom teaching plan to help you. I will help you improve your grammar. I will give
you exercises and check them to determine the level of improvement. Thus, I help you
become an expert in English Grammar. Consequently, when you speak or write something,
people don’t find any reason to laugh because of your poor grammar. Next, I help you
improve your vocabulary. I don’t tell you about every English word. Instead, I teach you only
those words that are necessary to communicate with somebody and that can help you grow
in your career. I am sure you will also admire me like my other students do.
However, it is also important to tell you that teaching is not my first job because I worked
with a restaurant while pursuing my graduation. This was a part time job that I did this job
to support my education. I would take and serve the orders to the customers. Working with
restaurant was also a great experience for me. I learnt the significance of good behavior.
Most customers were very gentle, serving whom always made me feel happy, while some
were so disappointing that I did not want to serve them and ask them to leave. However, I
never did this because I felt dealing with such people would make me stronger than I was.
After enrolling to my post-graduation program, I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, left the restaurant
and started providing home tuitions in my free time, and this made me understand the
significance of a teacher and decided to work as a full-time teacher having completed my
masters in English Literature.
In my free time, I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, love to read novels. I mainly read romance and
fantasy. I also have a dream to become a well-known novelist one day. I have decided to
write my own novel. However, I am trying to create the outline of the story. Once it is ready,
I will start writing.
When I don’t want to read or write anything, I just play with my two kids. I love them more
than anything else. I take them to the park and then play badminton or soccer. I play with
them does not mean I am good at these sports. I just play with them to have some fun and
make them feel pleased.
I think I have shared sufficient information about professional and personal life. If you are
interested to improve your command at the language, please connect with me right away. I

will also share some articles about grammar topics like noun, pronoun, adjectives, adverbs,
conjunction, tenses, and vocabulary.
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