Ten Exciting Facts About Eiffel Tower

You must have heard about Eiffel tower because it is among the tallest towers in the world today and was the tallest world structure until 1930. In this blog, I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, will tell you ten interesting facts about this great place.

Let’s get started.

1 – Gustav Eiffel made the top floor of the tower for himself, and later the place was transformed into Eiffel office and opened for public tour.

2- The tower was built by the Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier.

3- The tower was basically built just for 20 years. Later, it was given 70 years extension.

4- The Eiffel tower has been the home to a number of business houses. Post office is also suited in the building.

5- The iron structure is wind resistant and moves during storm.

6- Maintaining the Eiffel tower consumes so much time.

7-  It takes almost 60 tons of paint to pain the structure. Every 7 years the structure is painted by professional painters to maintain the structure and protect the iron from getting rust.

8- If we today evaluate the worth of the building, its structure costs around 400 billion euros.

9- The height of the structure expands in summer. So, its height increases by 7 inches. On the other hand, the height decreases in winter because the structure shrinks in winter by 6 inches.

10- The structure has more than 1650 steps to reach the top. I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, am sure you must have liked the information shared in this blog. Stay tuned for more engaging blogs like this.

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