Elvin Siew Chun Wai: 7 Mistakes Solo Female Travelers Make

If you are going to travel to an unfamiliar place as a solo female traveler, you must read this blog first. In this blog, I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, will tell you about seven mistakes solo female travelers often make. So, reading this blog will help you avoid many unwanted troubles and allow you to return with pleasant memories of your tour.

Let’s get started.

Carrying Your Valuables

You must avoid wearing your expensive ornaments when you are travelling to a new place. If you carry some expensive valuables with you, you should avoid their show off. When you show off, you attract criminals, and they may target you as they find you.

Wearing Dresses of Your Choice

Before going to a new place, you must read about their wearing styles. You must wear accordingly. Suppose, if you are wearing a Muslim country, you must avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops because they don’t consider it good. At many places, it is considered a kind of crime. Moreover, you should not enter their religious places in your dresses. Following the dressing traditions of a place you are visiting will help you avoid troubles.

Drinking in Pubs

If you love alcoholic drinks, you must not drink it at a pub because it can put you into trouble. Instead, you should buy drinks and drink it in your hotel room based on your capacity to absorb.

Taking Roadside Taxis

When you are travelling alone, you must be cautious about taking taxis. You must avoid taxis standing on roads. Instead, you should book online taxis from a reliable taxi service provider. Google will help you find one for you.

Not Being Careful About Your Surrounding

Whenever you go somewhere, you must be careful about your surroundings. It does not mean you should not enjoy with your heart and just spend your time in being careful. Enjoy with your full enthusiasm, but remain cautious about your belongings.

Asking for Directions from Just Anybody

When you are going somewhere, you should not ask just anybody around you about the directions. Instead, you should use your smartphone, ask police personnel if you see them, or take taxis to reach your destination.

Not Checking the Balance and Validity of Your Mobile Recharge Pack

Before you leave your home, you must check the balance and validity of your mobile recharge pack. Checking the balance and validity of your recharge pack of your cellphone will help you avoid bad experiences.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you have a great experience and return with pleasant tour memories.

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